New Band! Winter Child

Written by Danielle D

Danielle is the piano part of this duo. She's also a graphic designer and photographer who helps other musicians with their promotion material. She and Steve live together in Hamilton, ON.
Published on March 31, 2022

New Band!

Winter Child! So Danielle has her own band for original songs now!

Being an artist just for yourself is easy (while tormenting to some degree). Over the course of your creative life you make material ranging from purely playful to catatonic, from inspired to completely original. You end up with a catalog of songs, paintings, photos, designs, poems, essays, plays, sketches, dances, business concepts, event ideas, book ideas—and at some point someone convinces you some of it is worth sharing. So, Steve (Deeps) was my catalyst. Humbly, he helped me put together some incredible musicians, arranged the rehearsal space, and mentored me on how to guide a band. So now Winter Child is a thing and are first live gig is on Friday, April 1 at the Casbah Lounge 7-9PM

Band members are Andrew Marshall on Bass, Ryan Barwin on Lead guitar/pedal steel, Steve Deeps on drums, and Danielle on keys/synths/vox. We have over 10 songs + 2 covers to present on Friday.

Book your reservation at the Casbah

It’s Pay-What-You-Can with a suggested cover of $10.

If you can’t make this one, we are playing April 29th at Clifford Brewery.