Hello Big, Bad, & Beautiful world!

Written by Danielle D

Danielle is the piano part of this duo. She's also a graphic designer and photographer who helps other musicians with their promotion material. She and Steve live together in Hamilton, ON.
Published on December 11, 2021

Welcome to Scenic Roots!

We’ve been dreaming of officially creating this duo for quite some time. Ever since we played our first gig together around this time in December 2018, we knew we had performance chemistry and we knew we could bring people together.

About Steve

Steve has his own amazing band, Steve Deeps & the Lowdown, (Matt Burns, Tom VanDeven, Andrew Marshall, and occasionally me) and they’ve been playing mostly original tunes for quite some time.

About Scenic Roots

This is just about us, something for us that we do for our established and soon-to-be fans. We love delicious beer, we love local wine, and we love Southern Ontario. We live currently in Hamilton, so it’s no problem for us to hop on a highway and head to anywhere within 2 hours of here.

Our Little Neighbourhood that Could


This past weekend

We just played for the Spirit of Edmonton at Industria Pizza on John Street S, in Hamilton this past weekend. Hamilton was the host city for the 108th Grey Cup. Boy was that fun. The Grey Cup was in the house! We met amazing people from all across Canada, and played our little hearts out while some pretty awesome dancing took place in front of us. Who knew that “Lost Together” by Blue Rodeo would bring football fans together to slow dance on the floor! So much fun!

Closing Thoughts 

Our hearts go out to the Ti-Cats and our beloved Ti-Cat community. We watched that nail-biter on Dec 12th, and prayed for a hometown win. Super proud of their efforts, even though the win went to Winnipeg. One of these years, there is going to be a monster Ti-Cat victory. This town definitely deserves it.

Coming up!

We just booked a new show. We’re playing in Hamilton at Lucky’s on Thursday, January 20th at 7 PM. It’s going to be a great night. We hope to see you there!

Steve & Danielle